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How my painting got from sketch to customer's wall

The process of creating this painting was a pretty special one for me. I discovered A LOT along the way...

My first branding photography

OK this was waaaay out of my comfort zone. I have never been totally comfortable with having my photo taken, and being videoed and photographed whilst painting made me SO nervous. I needn't have worried though. Elora from Life Lived Photography made me feel totally relaxed. I put my usual tunes on and actually forgot she was there! In fact... I genuinely think it helped me to produce a better painting. This proves that you don't need to change your mindset before you take action. Receiving these photos gave me such a confidence boost!

Elora did such an amazing job and really captured how I create my floral paintings. A lot of her images have been used in my website so you will recognise her style!

Starting with a sketch

Using my collected sketches and photography I plan out the composition in chalk. The non permanence gives me a bit of confidence and I can play around with things without too much faff. This cradled wood panel from Jackson's art supplies was already prepped and my paints mixed. However as the painting progressed I ended up using far brighter neon pinks and oranges which really glowed against the dark background. Totally forgot that Elora was behind me with her camera and gave myself a round of applause when i finished one of the dahlias. Such a wally. I was very pleased with it though!

Brushes and paints

Talking of paints... I use Daler Rowney System 3 acrylics. Gorgeous way to get some beautiful texture in the flower petals with excellent colour. This was the first time trying their brushes out too. For the majority of my artwork I tend to use round brushes like these. They have stood up to my haphazard lack of cleaning and care so well!

This is something I never used to do...

Sign my work.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to start doing this. Like many creatives I have been prone to self doubt from time to time. But now I proudly sign my work. Its always the final step for me. After I have stepped back from a painting and smile... I know it's finished.

That can sometimes take a while-I am prone to a bit of faffing!

Naming my painting

I sometimes ask the members of my lovely facebook group to help with this. However for this painting I knew exactly what the title would be as soon as the neon acrylic paint started shining on the board. On an episode of Gardeners World I saw the comedian Joe Lycett describe the flowers in his garden as 'slow motion fireworks'. I thought that explained dahlias so well! They evoke the same awe and wonder so it seemed a highly appropriate title.

I have the best customers

I know lots of people say that... but I honestly really do!

Kelly has the most amazing business creating bespoke colourful pieces from vintage furniture. Her love of all things colour was one reason why we connected over Instagram and I was beyond excited to hear she purchased this painting. Please note my giddy as a goat cheesey grin on the photograph. If you would like to see the beautiful work she creates have a nosey at Raymonds Rose on Instagram and Etsy.

It was an absolute pleasure to deliver this floral painting in person and see where it will be going. So nice to finally meet Kelly in person and chat all things colour and creativity.

Knowing my work is hanging on someone's wall gives me so much joy. Painting bright florals has made me smile so much during the last few years- it's wonderful to know that it is doing the same thing for my lovely customers too.

For more bright floral paintings like this have a look at this painting from the peony collection

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