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What does your birth flower say about you?

Lots of people are aware of birth stones and horoscopes. However, flowers also have fascinating symbolism and meanings. The flower associated with the month you were born in can reveal lots about you! Have a read to see if it is true for you or your loved ones...

JULY- larkspur

The traditional flower for July, larkspur is one of my absolute favourites. Often associated with lightheartedness and strong bonds. So those July babies with have a cheerful disposition, be loyal in friendship and have strong bonds with family. The purple in this artwork represents first love-so if you were born in this month it is said you will be lucky in all areas of romance!

AUGUST- poppy

Beautifully vibrant red poppies are often seen covering the fields in a blanket of red during the summer months. Although this flower is often associated with remembrance for those loved and lost, the poppy is also the birth flower for the month of August. As the poppy is a symbol for imagination and hope for the future, those born in August will be optomistic and have a real creative flair. Never one to shy away from the limelight, like the poppy, August borns will delight everyone around them.


Asters got their name from the greek word for 'star' because of their shape and how prolific they are in our gardens. The traditional birth flower for September, asters symbolise love, affection and daintiness. Those born in this month will be devoted to others, striving for perfection in all they do.

OCTOBER- cosmos

With their delicate petals and range of colours, it is no wonder that these long lasting and pretty flowers are a favourite among gardeners. This flower has many different meanings in other cultures, religions and countries. The most common theme for the cosmos bloom is harmony, tranquility, peace and love. Often given as a symbol of good luck, those born in October are a good influence on those around them and like to live without conflict.

NOVEMBER- chrysanthemum

The traditional birth flower for November, chrysanthemums are a symbol of optimism and joy. Often associated with friendship, devotion and kindness, these flowers spread joy to others. Therefore those born in November make wonderful friends, showing kindness and positivity to those around them.

DECEMBER- narcissus

These gorgeous delicate flowers represent achievement, festivity, good wishes and wealth. December babies grow up to be ambitious and hardworking in order to achieve their goals. Believers in true love, those born in this month are loyal and believe the love of family is the most important thing in the world.

Your birth month not here?

Don't forget to check out part one of birth flowers and their meanings.

Does your birth flower represent you? Let me know!

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