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What does your birth flower symbolise? PART ONE

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

A floral guide to birth flowers by month and their meanings.

JANUARY snowdrops

These resilient little flowers are a welcome sign that Spring is on it's way after the dark depths of winter. Even surviving freezing cold temperatures to push their way through the frozen soil, it is unsurprising that snowdrops are a favourite in many gardens. A true symbol of hope and beauty, this delicate white bloom is a lovely birth flower for January.

FEBRUARY primroses

Primroses are the birth flower for the month of February, bringing some much needed colour and cheer to a wintery month. Originating from the latin word 'primus' (meaning first), primroses are typically considered as the first flower to bloom in early Spring. Often associated with youth and longevity, primroses were traditionally given as gifts as a symbol of young love.

MARCH daffodils

With vibrant yellow hues, the daffodil is the birth flower for March. Unsurprisingly, this cheerful sunny bloom represents happiness, rebirth and new beginnings.

However, make sure you only ever give daffodils in a bunch. According to old flower lore, a single daffodil given as a gift is supposed to foretell misfortune!

APRIL daisies

Signifying optimism and joy, daisies are a beautiful flower for the month of April. The word 'daisy' comes from the old English word which translates as 'days eye'. An appropriate description as this flower opens its petals during first sunlight and closes them at dusk. Often associated with purity, innocence and love, the daisy is a beautiful flower for those born in April.

MAY lily of the valley

Often used in wedding floral arrangements and bouquets, lily of the valley is said to bring luck in love. The scientific name 'majalis' means 'of or belonging to May', so it is the perfect birth flower for this month!

Symbolising purity, sweetness and humilty, lily of the valley has a beautifully sweet scent. If this is your birth flower, you apparently handle challenges with a cheerful disposition and are considered a sweet person!

JUNE roses

A very traditional and popular flower, roses are associated with love and devoted affection. Often used for celebrations such as weddings and Christenings, these flowers can have a range of meanings according to their colour. For example, the gift of coral roses symbolise desire, whereas yellow roses represent friendship and joy. Whatever the meaning, roses are a stunning flower for the month of June, reminding us of warmer days in the garden.

Look out for part two to find out about all the other birth flower months!

Which was your favourite flower? Let me know!

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