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The meaning of peony flowers

Updated: May 31, 2022

Peonies are a much loved and popular flower in our gardens. The fact that they don’t last long is one reason why I love to paint them.

But did you know the meaning behind this beautiful flower?

Peonies are named after the Greek God of medicine, Paeon. In the middle ages, people apparently drank peony water and ate the seeds for medicinal purposes. Important to note though... some varieties would cause some very unpleasant symptoms! So, you know... don't try this at home kids!

Peony plants can last for up to 100 years! This makes them synonymous with long lasting, happy marriages. An ideal flower to include in a wedding bouquet.

They are also the official flower of the 12 year wedding anniversary!

Peonies represent good fortune and prosperity too. The Chinese name for peony is sho yu which means 'most beautiful', which is probably the first thing you think when you see it in the Spring.

An important flower through history in many cultures, it is easy to see why this fragrant flower is so popular.


Peonies grow from tiny buds into the most glorious and colourful blooms each Spring. They never fail to make me smile when I see them. If you need some everlasting peonies to show someone you care (or just to brighten your own wall!), click the link below to get your own peony painting.

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