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How to update your home for summer with florals

As I stare out of my window at the drizzle and grey cloud< I am extremely grateful to have some colourful florals in my home to bring a little summer sunshine into my day! Here are my top five tips for including fabulous florals in your home decor.

Flowers have the most wonderful way of bringing back memories. Think of every special event you have been part of... I bet flowers played a part? Whether it's a wedding bouquet, corsage, get well soon, birthday bunch or retirement gift, flowers make people smile and feel happy. In fact the reason I started painting flowers, is to remind me of some of the most special people in my life. Everyone has a flower that they may associate with someone.

So why not use these five tips to add florals to your home and bring back these happy memories.

Tip #1 - Get growing

OK. I am the first to admit that I am no gardener. In fact it's well known amongst family that my house is the place where plants come to die. BUT I am learning! Growing plants is a proven way to improve your mental health and the joy of seeing that first little flower bud is just awesome.

It doesn't have to be tricky! If you want to have a go at growing dahlias like me, check out Dahlia Beach on instagram. Great advice for a newbie flower grower like me!

Tip #2 - Bring flowers inside

Go buy yourself a bunch of flowers. Or pick some from your garden. I am typing away looking at a bunch of peonies that I picked from my garden last week and they are making me smile so much. Not only does a bunch of flowers bring in some beautiful colour, the scent is absolutely amazing.

"Just living is not must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. -Hans Christian Andersen

Tip #3 - Be creative

Photograph a flower and get the print on your wall. Draw or paint a bouquet. Create a crossstitch. Sew some clothing with a floral print. ANYTHING creative. Filling your home with something floral that YOU have made is not only a way to escape day to day stresses, it makes your home a unique reflection of you. Courses from your favourite floral painter will be available soon-watch out for more news!

Tip #4 - Floral soft furnishings

Adding some colourful cushions, throws or curtains is an easy way to introduce a floral print and update your decor as the seasons change. A range of texture in your home creates a lot more interest and the tactile element is a great way to encompass all the senses!

If you were looking to bring natural materials into the home, have a look at All things macrame by Wendy Holberry. Bespoke macrame wall hangings with a floral theme or plant pot holders will be a perfect addition to your decor.

Tip #5 - Invest in artwork

Now I mention your favourite floral artist (finger's crossed that will be me!!!)... add some everlasting flowers to your wall in the way of an original painting. They wont need rearranging, they won't make you sneeze and they won't attract hundreds of creepy crawlies into your home (previous tip did lead to a small problem... ants really do love peonies and appear to be very good at hiding in the petals!).

Happy memories of making rose perfume in your grandparents' garden? Had peonies in your wedding bouquet? Remember dahlias blooming when your first child was born? Whatever floral painting you choose, make it personal and it will give you joy whenever you see it on your wall. Alternatively, you can always message me if you would like a commission.

Flowers make us happy

Whether it be outside, as a gift or on your wall. Florals make the world a better place to be in. If you would like to know about the meaning of flowers check out some of my other posts.

If you need some florals on your wall (which of course you do!) Click on the link at the bottom of this post!

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